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Hypnosis is a quick way to achieve a relaxed and focused state of consciousness which is similar to that experienced during meditation. Deep relaxation is healthy for the mind. However this altered state of awareness can also be used in several other ways to improve your quality of life. These are through:

Improving Visualisation

While relaxing you are better able to visualise your goals. Success in career, relationships and sport are greatly enhanced when you are clear about what you want. Hypnosis is a very effective way to become more in touch and focused on your goals. Hypnosis helps you create the life you desire.

Positive suggestion can be used to help you change habitual behaviours you may have been unable to change on your own. These include smoking, eating junk food, blushing, lethargy and nail biting. Positive suggestion can also be used to overcome many common fears such as flying, public speaking, exams, injections, spiders and even socialising. Sporting performance can also be improved using suggestion, especially with games that require concentration and focus such as golf.

Increasing Suggestibility

Identifying Limiting Beliefs

Positive approaches such as visualisation and suggestion are very helpful for self-improvement. However the most fundamental changes in life occur when you identify and modify a limiting thought or belief. If you look deeply and clearly at the root of a personal problem, you will nearly always find a limiting belief. For example, people will often put up with second best in career or relationships because at a deep subconscious level, they believe that’s all they deserve. Talking about personal issues can be helpful but does not always lead to a solution. Deeper insights can be gained using altered states of consciousness achieved during hypnotherapy. While deeply relaxed and focusing on a particular issue, a client may more easily find a lateral solution or a new insight to an old and persistent problem. Hypnosis can provide a quick and cost effective way to resolve issues and get on with living a full, abundant and harmonious life.


Clinical Hypnotherapy means the therapist uses advance methods of hypnosis and other techniques to treat a variety of medical and psychological problems. Modern Clinical Hypnotherapy uses the best elements of many other forms of therapy this includes behavioural psychology, cognitive psychology.  


Hypnosis is a mental state induced by a procedure known as “hypnotic Induction” Once this state has been attained it renders the client open to higher state suggestibility.  This can induce a profound range of effects in any situation where the mind has an influence virtually every part of your life.  There have been countless studies worldwide to demonstrate the benefits of Hypnotherapy.  

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