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‘It's been life changing.  Important issues are dealt with.  I have gathered strength and cleared space inside. Positive doors have been opened up.  It has helped hugely with anxiety and it's because of the way I deal with and think of things differently now.  

It's been fantastic.  I just wish I had come to her before.  It's an easy going process, not confronting.  Alex is very easy to talk to and has much experience and wisdom.  It has helped me see my world through fresh eyes and my heart is full of joy and light and I believe now the power of NOW and that we create our own reality’


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‘I had been having issues with my weight for many years and no amount of fad diets, ill-advised fasts or short-term exercise regimes helped. However, after three sessions with Alex my whole approach to exercise and food was refreshed and renewed.


I lost 7 kg in the space of 6 months and now, a year later, my respect for myself and my body and what I eat and how much I eat has played a big part in my outcome

The two hour long sessions I had with Alex have completely inspired me, to be the best version of me. The process has had such a life-changing effect on me that I do not recognise myself. I cannot thank Alex enough to help facilitate this change in me’



‘I found my sessions with Alex to be refreshingly different from other forms of therapy I have had in the past. This was very 'solution focused' and as a result I have been able to make significant progress. Alex was able to clearly show me my 'problem' from an entirely different perspective and in turn, resolving it became easy!’



‘I was very fortunate to be working with Alex and to have found her! I have come a long way with her and she has been a wonderful therapist and has truly helped me with some very difficult periods in my life’




‘I never thought that flying would ever stop being an issue for me but now I can fly without even thinking about it. It made my life so much easier’



“I am so excited to tell you that I went for my interview today and I think I did very well! I still can’t believe how calm I was. Thank you so much for helping me to achieve this!”



“I held a couple of public speaking events since I saw you last. I am doing really well and I can say now that I am not only becoming a confident public speaker, I am enjoying it more and more!”



‘After the session I felt relaxed and calm. I feel I can make decisions re: work environment and having the confidence to open up my own salon’



‘Thank you ALEX, I have suffered for many years with procrastination after my session I found I felt very calm , relaxed and tingled and felt full of clarity . I feel I can make decisions without going over and over my choices’



I came to Alex because of family issues, feeling unsupported, hurt, no trust, no love, anger –to let go. The experience I had after hypnosis was amazing. Alex made my experience relaxing and enjoyable .She simple guided me into that state where I felt connected, I can liken it to a relaxing massage. After the first session I realised I had choices and had the ability to let go.




How can I ever thank you enough Alex, after many years of being a victim of domestic violence, a prisoner in my own home I now feel free. In the sessions I felt so relaxed and calm, I felt like a bird flying. I felt totally safe and free. It took me to another planet of peace and harmony.

With Alex’s support and guidance. I now want to be a voice to other women and help others that have similar situations. I am now in a program for women’s domestic violence and have been asked by the police and prosecutors to encourage and help other women to stand up and have a voice.

God bless and love to you ALEX you showed me how to LOVE myself and to speak up, with the truth.



"Beautiful Alex what can I say, you have a rare gift, the ability to embrace and help people on their journey, I came to you when I had some major dramas in my life and through the sessions, I saw that all I was doing was adding fuel to the fire.

Alex makes you feel absolutely comfortable and at ease, she has the unique ability to help you as the individual open up your heart and be aware of the mind body connection, after many years of training, and developing her own process, Not one of my sessions with Alex was the same.

What I love about Alex, is how professional, kind, full of empathy and keen to get the most out of the time spent with her.

I am amazed how quickly I resolved major issues by removing my attachment to them and re: framing my thought processes Alex has a gift to facilitate transformation and each client blossoms at their own pace I will always keep in touch with Alex

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