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Change from Within Us


Clinical Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to address a wide variety of problems. At Jarvis Hypnotherapy we have a special interest in working with all forms of Anxiety, Stress Management plus issues around Self Esteem and Confidence in adults, adolescence and Children.


Hypnosis is a mental state induced by a procedure known as “hypnotic Induction” Once this state has been attained it renders the client open to higher state suggestibility. This can induce a profound range of effects in any situation where the mind has an influence virtually every part of your life.


There have been countless studies worldwide to demonstrate the benefits of Hypnotherapy. It provide a safe environment for you to explore and express aspects of yourself and your life.

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Kids and Adolescents

Hypnotherapy is a safe technique allowing children and teenagers to release negative beliefs, which may have been picked up from media, school or family and friends. 


This can manifest in the child picking up habits such as nail biting, anxieties, worries or low self-esteem.  


We can treat body image issues, fears and phobias, exam pressure, bullying and anger issues, study focus, sibling rivalry and loss.

Stone Tower

Trauma and Hardship

We all encounter unpleasant circumstances in our lifetime. Some suffer more hardship than others, but holding on to past pain is keeping you trapped and preventing you from moving on into a brighter future. 


Moving on does not mean forgetting or condoning what has happened, it does not even require forgiveness. But it does free you to step into a future of your own making,not determined by what has happened in the past, but by what you are deciding in this moment and in every moment from now on.

Holding Hands

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Jarvis Hypnotherapy offers a supportive environment for change, for anyone seeking personal or professional growth. 


It is a basic human right to live the life that is most authentic to you, and serves your long term goals and ambitions.


Learning the best methods to negotiate your own internal reactions and experience is the easiest path forward, as there are always going to be external influences, opinions and judgements, but your internal experience is always imminently negotiable

Image by Marjan Grabowski

Addiction and Compulsion

It is a unique and complex process for every individual struggling to break a habit, compulsion or addiction.


No one person is the same.


Jarvis Hypnotherapy tailors our approach for every individual's unique needs, using our coaching skills for those who need a bit more support in between session

Image by Jennifer Burk

Weight Loss

An important factor in achieving a healthy weight loss is your mental attitude.


Underlying thinking- and behavioural patterns may interfere with your weight loss goal no matter your diet, exercise and determination. These issues can be addressed in hypnosis to allow you the best possible chance of reaching a healthy weight. 


It is possible to increase motivation and focus, whilst reducing cravings and unhelpful patterns.

Stressed Woman

Stress and Worry

The times we live in are stressful and may feel overwhelming. Many of us are locked into schedules and demands in a race to get everything done on time.


If you are ready you can take charge and free yourself of worry, or would you like to be more productive, relaxed and feel more in control, Hypnotherapy might be right for you.


Sometimes the most complex endeavour is made up of small steps. You can now make the first step in taking back your life.

Adult Students

Performance and Study Skills

For time management and pressure of the HSC, University exams, or the complexity of dealing with school life; we can provide the cognitive and practical life skills to put the stepping stones in place for you (or your child) to create the best life possible. 


These can include analytical cognitive skills, as opposed to emotional reasoning, realistic budget/study schedule creation, and verbal and body language reading and strategies.

Close Up of Pink Roses

Self Esteem and Confidence

Low self esteem stalls growth and wastes energy that could be used to transform your life for the better.


Even the most successful, confident people have an inner, critical voice. Compared to people suffering from low self esteem is that they have a mechanism to select what which inner voice to ignore.


Hypnotherapy can help you remove your inner critic and let you find a more supportive, encouraging voice take centre stage.

Lending a Helping Hand

Fear and Anxiety

While fear is a natural and necessary reaction to a real threat, anxiety is a reaction to a perceived threat. 


Your natural warning system has gotten out of control. Anxiety consumes energy and makes you less productive and less confident.


Hypnotherapy may help you become comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty. It can help you face the future with the certainty that you can cope with change and challenges.

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Hypnosis can also be successfully used for:

·       Deep Relaxation

·       Social Anxiety

·       Quitting Smoking

·       Exam Stress

·       Acting Anxiety and Stage Fright

·       Addictions

·       Establishing Positive Habits

·       Reducing Negative Habits  

·       Relationship Problems

·       Overcoming Compulsions

·       Improving Focus/Motivation

·       Improving Confidence

·       Chronic Tension

·       Insomnia

·       Performance Anxiety

·       Performance Enhancement such

        as interpersonal skills and sport

·       Mild (non-clinical) Depression

·       Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)

·       Pain Relief and Management

·       Pre- and Post-Pregnancy

·       Calm Birth

·       Anger Management

·       Study Skills

·       Procrastination

·       Writers Block

·       Motivation and and Public Speaking

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