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Hypnotherapy for grief recovery

Grieving is a natural process following the loss of a loved one, not a permanent state, and we need to go through this process.

Grief can cause a lot of stress and there is always a lot to do when someone you love dies or leaves you another way. You may feel overwhelmed and not able to concentrate. You may have to go back to work quite soon, or you are already back at work and don't feel you've had time to process your grief.

We all deal with grief in different ways, but often it can become problematic. We need to grieve, yes, but we don't want it to completely take over our lives.

Overwork, intense feelings of sadness and hiding grief with alcohol, food or sleep are common. Some people even mistake other feelings for grief and lash out in anger at other loved ones.

If you have intense feelings of sadness that are affecting your life, there are some things that you can do yourself to help

1. Take time to process. You need time out to grieve and be kind and patient to yourself.

2. While giving yourself time to grieve is important, you should also give attention to your other needs throughout the day.

3. Remember the person for who they were when they were alive. Don't let them be defined only by their loss.

How hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy can allow you to process your grief, but at a pace that is right for you. It is a way to help you overcome grief and loss and reach a stage where you can enjoy the memories of your loved one without being overcome by the pain of missing them.

You will gain more control over the way you grieve and think about your loss. It is just a way of becoming deeply relaxed so that you can calm your mind and teach your brain to focus on the positive love you shared, rather than on the sadness of your grief.

Don't worry that hypnosis will make you face up to things before you are ready. The purpose is to allow you to take a deep breath, stop, spend some 'you' time and help you to relax and connect with your inner strength.

You may find that you are then able to clarify your thoughts and get things done, which will take the pressure off, and stop you worrying about whether you will be able to cope with everything.

Here are some of the ways that Hypnotherapy can help:

1. help you find some times of peace where you can rest from your grief,

2. reduce the unbearable intensity of your grief,

3. help you look after yourself with compassion,

4. organise your grief so that you can grieve at your own pace but not all the time,

5. find a place for grief in your life which doesn't overwhelm you,

6. reconnect with the positive memories of the person you have lost,

7. enjoy your memories without them being so charged with painful feelings,

8. allow you to access a feeling of calm and strength,

9. help you to move on with your life without feeling guilty,

10. empower you to get things done.

With hypnotherapy sessions, the process will become less fraught with stress and tension and a more a time of appreciation and love.

Call Jarvis Hypnotherapy for an obligation-free short session to find out if Hypnotherapy is right for you.

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