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Desire vs Performance Anxiety

Understanding Desire vs Sexual Performance Anxiety

Is your sexual experience getting stale? Is the thought of sex causing you worry instead of pleasure?

This month we talked about how anxiety douses the fire of eroticism in the bedroom and inhibits your natural desire for your partner. Sexual performance anxiety is not only experienced by men, but women as well.

Disappointment from a recent sexual experience can cause avoidance of sex altogether –and is damaging to self-esteem/confidence even in the non-sexual parts of life. Sexual desire decreases when in a moment of stress, and the opposite of it is true: sexual desire increases when one isn’t overwhelmed by anxiety.

Here’s an intimate session on awakening desire in your relationship. It offers a refreshing perspective on the role of desire in a successful, satisfying sexual encounter. This short talk will also help you understand the elements in spicing up your sex life.

Some of the steps that could help you deal with sexual performance anxiety are:

- evaluate the overall health/quality of your life,

- remove the idea that sex is something you HAVE to do well,

- realize that the real sex organ is your mind (not the genitals),

- stop being in control of the sexual process and outcome, and

- enjoy each other by openly receiving the pleasures your partner is giving you and acknowledging that what you’re doing is giving them pleasure, too.

You may also keep in touch with Jarvis Hypnotherapy to help you understand and handle your performance anxiety issue. We have the tools to help you revive your sexuality.

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