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Fear of Failure Part II

Fear of Failure is Self Defeating

Recently we talked about fear of failure and how it is a huge factor that stops you from achieving your goals.

For some, extreme fear of failure stops them from even setting goals at all. But it’s good to know that you’re not alone.

Many people are in this self-defeating boat. Yes, it is self-defeating. And yes, this fear crops up as THE #1 obstruction for most people most of the time.

But why is this fear so common? There are several reasons. Some are deep-seated and traced all the way to early experience. The reality is: no one is born with low self-confidence. Instead, fear of failure is a learned behavior –over time.

If you’ve been fearful for most of your life, there is still hope. This interview with Lisa Nicholswill show you how. She also teaches us that there’s a way to get out of this self-defeating box we’ve put ourselves in.

There are two things you can do to start conquering this fear:

  1. Re-program your mind. Train your mind to unlearn your unfounded fears.

  2. Use hypnosis to facilitate overcoming fear. Hypnosis is a great option because this method is “accelerated learning” for the brain.

For your hypnosis sessions, contact us at Jarvis Hynotherapy. We can help you get out of that self-defeating box.


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