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Hypnosis for Weight Loss

This article from Women’s Health last month discusses Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss. It looks at some interesting scientific research on Hypnosis for regulating hunger in particular.

You have probably tried every diet and weight loss fad on the internet: you know the science of weight loss. Energy in must be lower than energy out! It sounds easy, but of course even people wanting to lose just a few kilos know its neither simple nor straighforward. Many people just don't have the willpower to follow through.

There may also be many other factors, including stress. Prime candidates for hypnotherapy and cognitive therapy are emotional and unconscious eater. Hypnosis works because it teaches you to have more willpower, and cognitive therapies can address underlying issues which may be having an effect on your relationship to food. If you are the right candidate for hypnotherapy, you should start seeing results within just three sessions. This may even be cheaper than those shakes and meal deliveries!

There is of course no magic bullet, but for those who respond well hypnosis can improve willpower and deal with negative self talk and self sabotage when it comes to diet. You will be able to face the long term changes needed for a healthier life.

Jarvis Hypnotherapy can discuss with you various therapies for weight loss and other health and mental health issues. Make an appointment today!


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