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“Why do we sleep?” This remains a mystery. Doctors and psychologists alike have been digging into this for years in search of why the body needs sleep. For a good 6 or 7 hours, we lose consciousness and drift into a state of temporary “oblivion” where much of our dreams (in sleep-state) even add to the mystery.

But, science has proven that sleep does a lot of restorative work –both to our bodies and mental functioning. Plus, this much we know, that even without scientific backup, without sleep your day is doomed, your mood as well as productivity level are doomed.

Sleep disorder (i.e. insomnia) is present in 1 out of 10 adults –which is about 30 % of the total population– at any given time. Insomnia is also more common among adult women.

Dr. Alon Avidan, M.D, M.P.H (director of UCLA Sleep Disorder Center; Professor & Vice-Chair of UCLA Dept. of Neurology) encourages us to establish a consistent sleep hygiene which helps curtail the risk for and symptoms of insomnia. He says that there are 3 S’s restricted only to bed: sleep, sex, sickness. Here’s his short lecture on, “Doctor, I Have Insomnia. What Can I Do?

And, get more insights into the need for efficient sleep from this talk hosted by Tom Bilyeu: These Sleep Experts Explain How to Get the Best Rest

If you’re grappling with sleeping problems, our therapist at Jarvis HynoTherapy has the knowledge and proper training to help you.

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