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Are We Paying Enough Attention to Boys?

Boys falling behind

There's a need to name the causes of this growing worldwide crisis for boys' mental health and wellbeing. And, there's an urgent call to face it head on and find solutions. In Dr. Warren Farrell's short talk, he takes a sobering look at the current state of boys in our society and the factors we need to understand before we can truly help.

Dr. W. Farrell is a celebrated author, American educator, and activist who wrote 7 books on men's and women's issues, including the bestselling Why Men Are the Way they Are, The Boy Crisis, and The Myth of Male Power.

From his talk, we learn that for the first time in US history, our sons will have less education than their dads. In addition, a UN finding reveals that boys have fallen behind girls in every one of the largest seventy developed nations.

A profusion of undereducated and underachieving young men gives each and every one of us a bleak, unhappy future. As Nicholas Kristof wrote in a New York Times op-ed piece in 2010, The Boys Have Fallen Behind, “At a time when men are still hugely overrepresented in Congress, on executive boards, and in the corridors of power, does it matter that boys are struggling in schools? Of course it does: our future depends on making the best use of human capital we can, whether it belongs to girls or boys.”*

Dr. Farell adds that prisons are centers for Dad-deprived boys –which result from divorced parents. "I see suicide as a reflection in boys of our inability to help track boys in a constructive way toward manhood."

This crisis is highlighted in a 60 Minutes Australia segment SAVING OUR SONS. Young men are overrepresented in Australia's suicide statistics –and should be treated as a national emergency.

Boys are vulnerable. In this challenging time of worldwide pandemic, young men are more likely to fall into depression than women. With the tough masculine image carved from societal norms, young men refuse to let their peers in on their struggles. They hesitate to open up to their parents, friends, or siblings.

Will we ever notice their deepest struggles?

We need to save our boys. If someone you know is vulnerable and needs help, contact us today at JarvisHypnotherapy.

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* https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/real-men-dont-write-blogs/201503/tipping-point-weve-finally-noticed-boys-struggles

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