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Relax and Sleep

Kids Hypnosis

We discussed the use of hypnotherapy in Children aged 7-10 for all sorts of symptoms and problems.

Sleeplessness in children can be a serious problem for children; from the basic issue of getting to sleep at the right time to actual, diagnosed insomnia. A lack of sleep can have a serious effect on children’s lives, from school work to play.

A few sessions with at Jarvis Hypnotherapy can help. However the video below can be used below to help your child get to sleep.

“Relax and Sleep” is about relaxing both mind and body resulting in deep and relaxing sleep. It can be used to get to sleep or to go back to sleep if they have woken in the night.

For more information on how Hypnosis can solve any problem with your child...big or small...get in contact with Jarvis Hypnotherapy today.


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