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Abusive Relationship Dynamics Part II

Warning: This article may be triggering for some people


It’s not how a relationship starts, it’s how it evolves. The first few weeks and months is the glorious “honeymoon” stage where everything is rosy and sweet. When the “dust settles” that’s when tiny hints of abuse begin to surface.

Emotional abuse is as harmful as physical abuse –if not even more. Part of why it’s more dangerous is because it’s too subtle to spot. And this type of abuse abounds all around. Even you and I may have experienced this at one point (and more than once). 100% of us will be at the receiving end of an abusive relationship, and 100% of us will do unhealthy things. Being flawed is part of being humans. According to statistics, 1 of 4 men & 1 of 3 women are subjected to relationship abuse in their lifetime.*

While we have flaws and mistakes when in (any) relationship, there are simply things that you shouldn’t ignore. These things wouldn’t easily go away over time, instead these are attitudes/behaviors that persist over time (regardless of the circumstances) –which will harm the abused in very serious ways.

Watch this short video on how to better understand the face of emotional abuse. And, here’s psychiatrist Dr. Tracey Marks’ explanation on how to recognize a toxic relationship.

As we’ve so far understood, there are various types of emotional abuse (often a combination of them). Here are ways an abuser would treat you:

o Accusations of cheating

o Constantly opposing/arguing

o Criticizing and/or publicly humiliating you

o Constant checking/various attempts to control your behavior/activities

o Gaslighting

o Isolating you from family &friends

o Verbal abuses (name-calling)

o Shaming/blaming

o Silent treatment

o Withholding affection &attention

o Refusing to participate in the relationship

o Trivializing your concerns

If these warning signs seem familiar –and are telling you you’re heading towards a toxic relationship (or already in one)…reach out to experts so you can leave that relationship safely. Talk to JarvisHypnotherapy. Ask professional help so you can start identifying your blind spots. There’s no need to stay enmeshed in a toxic relationship.

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*“Difference between healthy & unhealthy love”

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