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Teens and Substance Abuse


We’ve talked about addiction in teens and learned that addiction can be psychological, physical, or both. We’ve also looked at common warning signs of an addiction and who are most vulnerable to developing an addiction. Sadly, many teens consider experimenting with alcohol and drugs as an important part of growing up, despite its considerable risk and disastrous consequences. Some adolescents are introduced to drug use through prescription and they then begin to use for recreation. Some teens discover drugs by stealing from a parent’s medical cabinet. Some begin experimenting with drugs because of friends or after listening to songs referencing drug abuse. No matter how teens are introduced to substance use, teenage drug addiction is a very real and huge risk.

Some of the most commonly used drugs among adolescence include: cocaine, opioids, marijuana, methamphetamines, ecstasy, benzodiazepines, inhalants, synthetic marijuana, anabolic steroids and Adderall.

1 in 5 teens report doing drugs recreationally and when asked why, the most common responses include:

· to relieve stress

· to fit in

· genetic predisposition to drug abuse

· poor impulse control

· to self-medicate emotional/mental problems

· to find balance between responsibilities

· out of curiosity

· easy availability

· dependence/addiction

To shed light on the devastating effects of drug abuse and dependence, here’s a short film on “Chasing the High.” And, in this episode of Real Stories: Addicts' Symphony (Addiction Documentary), we’d get a glimpse of how substance abuse in teen years carries well over into adulthood. These gifted musicians tell us their story of how substance use started only as relief for emotional/mental problems, but ended up in addiction that destroyed their health, family, and relationships.

One CBS news reveals that there are many various things a person can get addicted to, and with our current modern technologies, adolescents are hooked on social media. A study is being done to track the effects of social media on adolescent brains.

Teen addiction can set them on a path for a lifetime of abuse and dependence. But, the earlier it’s treated, the easier and more successful treatment is going to be. Contact Jarvis Hypnotherapy to help your teen get rid of addiction and guide them into a life of sobriety.

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