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The Problem of Low Self-Esteem

Each of us has moments in life when we don’t feel good about our self and we lack self-confidence. But, when low self-esteem becomes a habit where you constantly criticize yourself, then it’s a serious problem as it has negative impact on your wellbeing, mental health, relationships, and other areas of life.

This month, we’ve talked about self-esteem and its numerous undesirable effects, such as: the constant need for reassurance, being clingy and jealous, getting caught up in unhealthy relationships, and superficial connection in relationships. Its mental health impact includes social anxiety, self-harm, food and eating issues, depression, and codependency (excessive psychological-emotional reliance on a partner especially on account of an addiction).

Self-esteem is your opinion and beliefs about your self. Having low self-esteem means you don’t like yourself and consequently you’d attract the same regard or treatment from people you interact with. The level and amount of respect you get is the same one you give to yourself. And so every person copes with low self-esteem differently.

The Counseling and Mental Health Center at The University of Texas at Austin reveal that low self-esteem is often expressed in either one of these patterns: 1) rebellion 2) imposter syndrome 3) victimhood.

In this presentation, Dr. BJ Davis (an ex-convict turned clinical director, doctor, and professor) talks about his personal journey from the dark prison of self-doubt into the miracle that he’s become. He asserts that he created his own miracle by starting to truly believe in himself and in the good that he can do; and, you are just as capable to make such a miracle.

Moreover, in this short video, Kati Morton (a licensed behavioral therapist & grief counselor) offers guidelines on how to build self-compassion.

Jarvis Hypnotherapy in Bondi Junction offers counselling and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) if you need help learn to love yourself and restore self-worth. We’re here to help you see yourself in a new light.


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