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12 Proven Ways That Will Nurture Intimacy in a Relationship

Emotional intimacy is among the primary foundations of a strong relationship. Without it, a relationship will suffer. But we have to acknowledge that sustaining emotional intimacy does require attention, effort, and time.

And, it can be much more difficult to restore emotional closeness once it has been lost than it is to work hard to maintain it along the way.

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In the previous article, we have explored what intimacy is and what it looks like. Here, let's unmask what a lack of emotional intimacy looks like.

Lack of emotional intimacy

Signs that a relationship has low intimacy:

- Experiencing loneliness within the relationship

- Lack of support

- Not disclosing important matters with each other

- Feeling disconnected from your partner

- Not sharing from fear of getting rejected and misunderstood

- Keeping distance from your partner

- Absence of tenderness and physical affection with each other

- Not showing empathy to each other

- More disagreements and arguments

- Not liking each other

Couples often miss the warning signs of their lack of emotional connection. For instance, when a partner announces their decision to leave the marriage, it comes as a complete surprise to their spouse. But when they reflect on the years they spent together, they can remember instances in which they felt emotionally distant from one another.

Moreover, diminished sexual intimacy and decreased marital happiness can both be caused by a lack of emotional intimacy. According to research, couples who experience deeper emotional connection in their relationships are happier and more satisfied.

Couples sometimes lose their emotional connection over time or never truly develop it in the first place. Both parties should strive to build, preserve, and deepen their intimacy. Realizing your contribution to cultivating emotional connection and being emotionally involved is quite important.

Lack of trust, poor communication, secrecy, and hidden emotions are common traits of relationships that lack intimacy.

How to increase intimacy in your relationship

If you feel your relationship (or closeness) is fading, there are several things that you can do with your partner to bring back emotional intimacy:

1 - Distance yourself from electronics

2 - Be emotionally present and accessible

3 - Put more time into each other

4 - Seek a balance between "me" time and being together

5 - Read a book together

6 - Take a weekend trip (or longer holiday) together

7 - Assemble a list of "have fun together" activities

8 - Consider signing up to relationship enrichment programs/activities

9 - Develop a hobby that you both will enjoy

10 - Make time for deeply emotional conversations

11 - Disclose more so you can feel closer to each other

12 - Evaluate if your definition of intimacy and level of need for closeness are similar.

Finally, seek help from a therapist if the marriage (or relationship) is going downhill. Emotional intimacy is an essential element of any healthy relationship. This connection serves as the foundation for a marriage that will cultivate greater fulfillment, deeper trust, and overall happiness.

If you have intimacy issues and are unable to sort them out on your own, counseling is a great tool to help. Just reach out to JarvisHypnotherapy.

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